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What I Offer

As well as offering traditional counselling, which can last anything from 6 sessions to spanning many years, I also offer some non-traditional ways of working.

Video Game Therapy

Not everyone focuses or communicates best sitting in a chair opposite someone and talking being the only thing that is going on. Gaming is a great activity for facilitating communication, helping you to be more at ease and to interact in a way that feels more natural to you. Video Game Therapy is just like traditional therapy in that sessions are an hour long and a space where you can open up and be supported in untangling the threads of your brain... the only difference is that we chat while playing a multiplayer game such as Minecraft, Fifa or Rocket League. If board or tabletop games are more your thing, sessions on Zoom can involve playing together on BoardGameArena or us both building/painting Warhammer. Sit still and look at me to listen is out, parallel play is in!

Solution-Focussed Brief Therapy

Are you feeling stuck? Lost in a dilemma, don't know which way to turn, need someone to talk everything through with but want to be truly listened to rather than given some well-meaning but potentially naff advice? SFBT could be for you. Typically lasting only 3-6 sessions, I don't offer advice or propose my solutions, but I do bring excellent skills at facilitating you in untangling what you truly want from all of the 'shoulds' and 'oughts', and maybe identifying too the things holding you back. Have you learned to not trust your own judgement? Spent a long time people-pleasing and unsure if it is ok to do something for you? Whatever your situation, we can make sense of it together and empower you to take whatever steps feel most authentic and growthful. SFBT sessions can be 50 or 90-minutes long, depending on your need.


Walk and Talk Therapy

Nothing makes me feel better than being in nature. I find a walk is itself therapeutic. Chatting while doing another task can often come more easily than trying to open up while sitting opposite someone, on Zoom or in a counselling room. Walk and talk therapy can be a great way of getting outdoors and accessing counselling at the same time, which is especially helpful when on a busy schedule where doing either of these things for your mental health can feel a challenge to carve out space for. For walk and talk therapy, I will always have at least 4 sessions with you online or at the counselling centre first, before moving to meeting in a public park. This is so that we both have a sense of safety already present - meeting a total stranger outdoors and trying to open up to them for the first time is too much to be doing all at once! Walk and talk therapy is charged at the same rates as online sessions.

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